Make Money Online with a Membership Sites

If you want to start making money online then one business model you should definitely look at is membership site (subscription based) business model. A membership site often charges a monthly subscription fee for access to certain unique information, products or service. Each month more information, products or service are added for paying members.

Before you start creating you membership website you of course need to decide what sort of information you want to sell to make money online.

Another thing you need to plan for is what sort of paying system (Paypal, Credit Cards, etc) you offer to members and how or who will make new information products that you offer on a monthly basis to the members.

And of course you need to decide on the membership price.

Creating Your Membership Site
Setting up a membership site differs from a normal website, because you need a protected member’s only area. Therefore it involves some technical steps that are not needed with a normal website. If you are not a programmer yourself you can find and hire a freelancer on sites like or that can do the work for you.

Tip: make sure that the freelancer uses the latest techniques for site security and uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is easy to learn, so you can change the feel of the site easily in the future.

Before you hire someone make sure that you have an idea of what you want. Maybe you know of a site that you really like than you can ask the freelancer to make a site that have the feel of that site. Or you can make some ruff sketches in windows paint. The result you can send to the freelancer you have chosen.

Buying Membership Site Software
Another route you can follow is of course buying a complete membership website software-package. These are a couple of those packages:

In Conclusion
A membership website is an online business model you should think of if you want to start making money online. They are easily to setup and if the information is good and unique then people are willing to pay for it.

Leave a comment if you know of other membership software not mentioned in this post!

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