Make Money Online While Having a 9 to 5 Job

Keeping an online job while being tied to regular work may seem like an impossible thing to balance. Undeniably, handling additional pressure of online work even with the constant stress of a day job may seem like putting oneself through torture. Are there really people who are able to achieve the delicate balance of juggling two jobs and still have personal time? Believe it or not, the answer is in the affirmative.

Balancing two jobs is certainly not a walk in the park but there are quite a number of people taking advantage of this opportunity. Imagine having a supplementary source of funds from your regular income. A few sacrifices and lifestyle changes have to be made however, to be able to keep two jobs and still have the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Discipline is Key to Keeping a Paying Job Online
Without discipline, you wouldn’t be able to keep a steady day job. Even more so with having an online career, a stronger sense of discipline needs to be adopted and strictly followed. Having a second career means that you have to follow strict schedule. Having a schedule means following it through no matter what. Time to write means time to write, not anything else. Before long you will be able to find your rhythm and actually find the new set up easier. This is because your body and your consciousness will begin to agree to the new schedules. After the initial few days, keeping an online career will be less demanding.

Conscious Time Allotment is Needed For an Online Career
The trick to thriving in an online career while having a steady 8-hour job is conscious time allotment. For example, how many hours do you actually watch TV? Perhaps you could begin to cut an hour from it to dedicate it to your online work. How many wasteful minutes do you spend talking on the phone with friends you see almost everyday? Cutting down on those useless activities may just give you the extra time needed to succeed in an internet business.

Useless net surfing may be converted to actual research for supplementary materials for the online work. Having a home based career or business can be possible if you are willing to change or give up some of the pleasures that you have been used to having. Balance is definitely everything. Keeping two working jobs is definitely a possibility!

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