Make Money Online Promoting and Building Small Business Websites

As a web-master we have basic skills that are very marketable. The problem is that many of us don’t realize this. We guess that many of you thought about building and/or promoting small business websites but never acted upon it.

This is a missed chance because there are many small business owners out there that have no problem spending some cash to get a website started. (Many of them are also looking for someone to maintain there website). Many of the small business owners are spending thousands of dollars/Euro for website designers who do nothing more than register a domain and make a basic website.

Do some research: take out your local phone-book and search for some businesses that have their website URL included in their listings. Take a look at some of these websites and you will see exactly what we mean with a basic website.

Some of them look ‘pretty’ but many of them have a basic layout. Also take a look at the source of the website and you will see that many of them have faults in them. We have found sites that not even used the basics, like title or description META tags. These websites will never achieve good search engine ranking.

Anyone with some basic knowledge on website creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make a lot of money just by contacting small businesses, letting them know in a professional way that their website has faults in them and that you can fix it for them.

Another way is to change the layout of the website (make it better) and fix the faults. Make a screen-shot of the website that you made and send it with an accompanying letter to that business asking for an appointment. (It helps to have a portfolio).

Most of these websites target a very small, non-competitive, audience that you can achieve top rankings with, with just some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The best part of it is that if you are not confident with any aspect of the project you can just outsource it. Do what you are confident with and pay someone else to do the rest. (You can still profit a lot even after outsourcing.)

If you create a plan and present yourself well you can earn a small fortune with this technique.

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