Make Money Online Blogging

Almost every blogger have their own reasons to write for their blog, but most of them do it because its fun. Another reason why most of them blog is because they make money from their blog. Today we take a closer look how they make money online.

Selling Private Ads

There are multiple types of ads that you can sell on your blog, such as banner ads, text links, sponsored reviews and so on. Selling your own ads can be very lucrative, because there is no middle man that takes a commission, leaving you more money!

In the beginning it can take some time and effort to get advertisers, but the more popular your blog becomes the easier it gets.

If your blog is already popular, then all you have to do is to write a post/page on your blog saying that you are looking for advertisers and they will contact you. Another great way is to simply add those 120×120 ad blocks in your sidebar and the advertisers will sign up, making you money online.

Paid to Blog

Paid to blog is another popular way that people use to make a buck with their blog. After you have established your blog (including content) you sign up with a few paid blogging networks like Pay Per Post or Review Me. These blogging networks are filled with advertisers looking for bloggers who can help them to spread the word about their product. They will pay you a fixed price per post ($1 up to $500.) You simple accept an offer that they make and write about the topic that they want and post it on you own blog.

Pay Per Click Program

In most cases this method is used, because it’s the easiest one. Everybody knows the pay per click program Google Ad-sense. There are many PPC programs to choose from, but Google is still paying well compared to the others.

Selling own Products

An other method to make money online from your blog is to sell a product or service. You can think of things like ebooks, t-shirts or all kinds of information. For instance; a programming tutorials blog that is selling video-tutorials to members (in other words a membership blog). These are just some examples, but whatever topic your blog is about there is a product or service that compliment the subject and that is right for you to sell on your blog to make money online!

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