Make Money Online as an Internet Marketer

Although an affiliate marketer and internet marketer do almost the same things, there is a difference. So what is the difference between an affiliate and internet marketer?

  • An affiliate marketer sells products from others for a commission of the sale.
  • An internet marketer develops and sells there own products. (Note: this doesn’t have to mean that the internet marketer makes every product himself.)

The advantage of developing your own products and trying to sell them is leverage. An example of leverage is that you can start your own affiliate program. Other people trying to sell your product, that’s leverage. You will make a lot more money with your own affiliate program, so try it out! Besides your own affiliate program to get traffic, you also can use Google Adwords to drive traffic or set up a couple of join ventures.

Good join ventures can make you a lot of money. Especially, if you manage to get a top affiliate that can promote your product. Top affiliates have huge email lists or a website(s) with thousands of readers and could make you hundreds of sales. So make them an offer that they can refuse! Offer them high commission payouts like 75-100%. Only use 100% commission payouts if you have a front-end product (lower value then you backend product) and a backend product. Let the affiliate sell the front-end product and make money on your backend product.)

So, try it! Develop you own product (or let a professional make it) and try to sell it. Set-up your own affiliate program and join ventures. We hope you make a lot of money online and that you become a successful internet marketer!

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