Make Money Online as a Copywriter

One of the ways to make money online is by doing freelance copy-writing work. Everyone who ever sold an information products online knows that they need a sales page to help them to convince a potential customers to buy a product. A sales page is normally written by a copywriter. Internet marketers launch hundreds of new products every month and not every internet marketer can write a good sales page, so good copywriters are always needed!

The difference between a copywriter and an article writer is that a copywriter writes sales copy pages and an article writer writes articles for webmaster or printed press. But this doesn’t mean that an article writer can’t write a sales copy. With some practice and after some research most article writers should be able to write a good sales page. If you make money online by writing articles, why don’t you expand your business and do some copy-writing work.

If you haven’t make money online as a copywriter before, you should give it a try if you:

  • studied successful sales pages.
  • done some research on the subject.
  • have written some examples.
  • believe that you can do the job well.

A warning: the sales page is very important for the internet marketer so you must be certain that you can do the job! A good sales page can make or break the internet marketers business (and your reputation.)

If you want to study existing sales pages you should take a look at There you can find many links to existing sales pages and you can also find the sales pages that are converting, thus pages that make money online. Use the sale pages that you find there to develop your copy-writing skills. Make some test pages of fictitious products for your freelance portfolio.

Where can you find work?
You can find copy-writing project on freelance service websites such as Get a freelancer, Guru or Elance.

How much should you charge?
It all depends on the freelancer website. On some of these freelancer websites you can only bid on projects per project basis, while others only let you fill in an hourly rate. But in general you could ask between $100 – $3000 for a single sales page, depending on the length of the sales page and how experienced you are.

If you are very experienced and have a good reputation in the industries you can (of course) ask for a higher rate then if you are just beginning as a copywriter. You could ask for a percentage of the sales generated, but many of the internet marketers that make their living online won’t accept that.

So if you are already make money online by selling articles, try to expand your business and start looking into copy-writing. Best of luck!

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One Response to “Make Money Online as a Copywriter”

  1. Alan on May 30th, 2008 05:56

    Very good information. I’m an article marketer myself and I do see why you suggest people to sell their copywriting skills.

    You can blog and write articles for yourself, but they won’t give you instant cash. Selling your skills as a copywriter will give you the cash for the time being while your own business take off.