Make Money Online and the Importance of eBay Auction Titles

Many people try to make money online by selling items on eBay. Some succeed and others fail. There are many reasons why an eBay seller fails, but one of the important one is the use of bad auction titles and the presentation of the auction.

So, why are auction titles so important? EBay auction titles are important when you want to make money online by selling your items. The listing title is the first thing most people on eBay see. Your title determines (in most cases) whether someone is going to click the title link to see your auction and offer. So, when you have a good title more people will see your eBay auction or eBay store, thus potentially generating more sales!

So, take your time when you create a new auction page. Think about the title you want to use and the overall presentation, such as the use of photos, item information and text of the auction. In both title and auction text you should try to excite the potential customer.

Use clear text and stay away from punctuations and special characters. Why you may ask?

When buyers do a search they only glance over the result. If the title isn’t clear at first glance, it will be ignored by the buyers!

Try to come up with 5 titles before you write the auction page. You’re not good at it? Then do some research! Take a look at completed auctions that sold similar items as you are trying to sell. You will notice that there are many well written auctions and also many more that are hard to read, thus poorly written. Try to learn from the good ones. Why are they appealing to you? Once you have find out you can try to use it with you own titles. Some examples of things you should use in titles:

  • If your item is a brand, then use the brand name in the title.
  • Unique, special or one of a kind. Use these words in the title.
  • Cheap or hardly used, use this in the title.
  • Antique or very old then mention it.
  • Think of terms people will use in a search and use it in your title.

These are just a few things you could mention in your eBay title to make money online with your auction.

Remember bad titles are ignored by potential customers or even worse removed by the eBay team. Yes, eBay removes auctions! If you fill your title with all kinds of keywords that have no relation with your actual product, then most likely it will be removed. So, don’t do this when you try to make a living on eBay by selling your own products. Think about your brand reputation, keyword stuffing doesn’t work in the long term. Even worse, if eBay finds out then most likely they will disable your eBay seller account.

In conclusion
Besides using good, exciting titles and overall presentation, you should of course sell quality items and give excellent customer service. Only this way you customers keep buying from you, thus making you money online! Good luck with your eBay auctions or store.

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