Make Money Online – Use Drop Ship Wholesalers

Whether you make money online by selling on eBay or selling from your own online shop one thing you need and that are good products. Without a good product there is no money to be made.

But where to find new products? Where can your little business buy in bulk? And what if you don’t want the hassle of packaging and shipping? This is where drop ship wholesalers come into play.

How can drop ship wholesalers help you make money online?

First we have to look at what drop ship companies do. A drop ship wholesaler sells a range of products like every other wholesaler. The difference between the two is that a drop ship wholesaler also handles packaging and shipping of the product. If you sell a product to one of your customers, you pay the drop ship wholesaler a wholesale price and the drop ship company handles the rest. (They send the product in your name; you don’t even see the product.)

No more shipping, packaging, no inventory or handling of products. You save a lot of time and money.

But what drop ship companies are there that can me help make money online?

There are many out there, but you have to beware of scams or rip offs. The best pre-verified and scam free drop ship wholesalers can be found on World Wide Brands.

This company (world wide brands) has compiled a list with trustworthy wholesalers that you can use for your business. They have also bulk or volume wholesalers on their list.

If you know another drop ship wholesaler or have experience (good or bad) with a drop ship wholesaler, then leave a comment.

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