Make Money Online – Selling Online 8 Tips

Buying or selling online is big business, but this doesn’t mean that your online business has to be big to make money online. The smaller online stores are also doing very well.

Big or small each online business has to follow some basic rules. The following tips are applicable on your online business as well on your business ads:

1. Professional

A sloppy ad or website is always bad. So you have to make sure that your website or ad look professional, otherwise the potential buyer will go to the next online store.

2. Complete as possible

You have to describe your products in detail. For instance: size, weight, material, measurements, etc. Potential buyers also like to read reviews from other consumers. So link to reviews or make your own.

3. Honest

Don’t make products look better then they are. Be honest, customers like this. Example: if an mp3 player doesn’t come with headphones, tell it!

4. Track and trace

Consumers like to know when the item they bought is delivered. So make use of a track and trace system. Also send them status emails if possible.

5. Delivery costs

Delivery costs are not for boosting your profit margin. If a potential buyer finds the same product with a lower delivery costs on another website, they buy there!

6. Order process

Make your order process as transparent as possible and as short as possible. Don’t use more then four steps and make each step clear as possible.

7. Contact

Make sure that costumers can contact you with additional questions. After you have answered the questions, add them to your FAQ page.

8. Additional Service

Make sure you use good packing materials and always send some samples with the ordered product. This will get you good word of mouth advertisement and thus more sales. People love getting more then they ordered.

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