Make Extra Money for Christmas

If you are running low on cash, then the Christmas holiday can be a stressful and hard time.
Take a look at the tips below to make some extra money, so that you too can have a joyful Christmas.

Before we start, we have to mention that you have to start preparing NOW. Don’t wait until a week before Christmas!!

1. Look around your house, from your basement to your attic, for things that you can sell. Especially for things you don’t use anymore or don’t need. Sell them on EBay.

2. If you don’t want to use EBay, you can always throw a yard-sale or go to the nearest flea-market and try to sell some items this way. Note: bundle some stuff together and make a special offer.

3. If you don’t have enough stuff to fill a stand on a flea-market then ask your friends for some stuff they don’t use anymore. It is also fun to ask them to join you on selling day.

4. If you’ve got a website, then try to sell some digital products online. Decorate your site in a Christmas theme. Don’t over do it!

5. Write a Christmas story (eBook) and try to sell it on your website.

6. If you sell physical products then bundle some stuff together and make up a good price and offer free shipping.

7. Try to get a second job for a few weeks. Especially a serving job can get you some big tips during the holidays.

With a little bit of work and timely preparation YOU could also have some extra cash for spending this Christmas.

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