Make a Website to Earn AdSense Revenue

Building a website to earn Google AdSense advertising revenue has become a popular way to make some extra money online. It is easier to earn AdSense income then generating sales by selling products or services online.

However nothing is free in this world. The creation of a website is a lot of work. It will cost you a lot of time and some money (hosting, domain name) before you can start earning from the Adsense program.

Follow the steps below to creating a content website for earning AdSense revenue.

Step 1 – Decide topic

First you have to decide a topic. The best topics or subjects are related to your interest, hobbies or experience. Write some good content that people will find interesting.

Step 2 – Pick a good name

The next thing you have to do is to pick a domain name. Write ten names on a piece of paper. The names must be related with your topic. If you have the ten names then you have to check if the names are not already taken. (If they are, come up with ten new names).

Step 3 – Web hosting service

After you came up with a name, you have to find a web hosting company who can host your site. Compare the many web hosting companies to find the best deal. You need at least: 200Mb of web space, 10 GB transfer per month. Register your domain name and sign up for a web hosting service. (Many web hosting companies let you register a domain name for free if you pick there hosting service).

Step 4 – Create a website

Creating a website is easy, with the use of a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder, a site can be made in a few hours without having any technical knowledge. (Try NVU. This is a free WYSIWYG program.) Don’t forget to place some graphics and pictures to make your site look nicer. Go for the professional look!

Step 5 – Joining the Adsense program

Join the Google AdSense program. After you have applied it will usually take several days for Google AdSense team to review and approve your site. If the site is rejected, Google will give the reason of rejection. Fix the problems and reapply. If everything is approved, you can start inserting Adsense code into your website. (Google has several tutorials on this subject.) Make sure that the Ads blend into your page!

Step 6 – Generate traffic

Try to get as many visitors as possible. You need many visitors (traffic) to your website to generate Adsense revenue. The higher your website’s traffic the greater your Adsense earning can be.

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