Local Business Means Local Internet Marketing

Even a small business, like a flower shop or a clothing store, can’t go without a website these day’s. But most of these small businesses are only serving the local market. How do you make sure that the local people will find you on the internet?

For instance a local flower shop that only handles internet orders in the local area doesn’t have to have an internet marketing campaign for the whole country and certainly not a global campaign.

In this article we will look at what you can do so that local people find your local business website:

1. Make use of local keywords
First thing that is important to know is which local area you want to serve. Be as specific as possible because you want targeted visitors on your website. Visitors that are looking for a specific are more likely to buy sooner, thus you make money online much easier.

Try to think like a potential customer, what keywords will they most likely use in the search engines. An example: a flower shop is based in a large town. Most likely there are smaller towns around the large town. If someone lives in one of this smaller town, they will most likely do a search for a flower shop in their home town, for example: flower shop home town. If the flower shop in the large town is also delivering flowers in the home town of that user, it will be a good thing to target the small towns in the keywords.

Use these local keywords as much as possible on your site, for instance in articles, headers, footers and Meta data.

2. Incoming links with local keywords
Search engine optimization is for a large part getting quality incoming links. The advantage of quality links is you score higher with Google and you will receive more traffic, because quality links can only come from high ranking (thus larger traffic) websites.

You should be aware of the following two things if you try to optimize your webpage’s for local search engine optimization:

  • Make sure that incoming (quality) links make use of your local keywords (as explained in 1.)
  • Try to get incoming links that are also trying to target the local area your business is in. You have to do this because the visitors that are on these pages are most likely people from the local area, thus they are already targeted visitors. If they find your local business with these incoming links, they will buy much sooner (because they are targeted), thus you make money online easier.

3. Address information and phone number
The address information, opening hours and phone number must be in a prominent place of your web page if you target the local audience. These potential local customers are more likely to visit the store of your local business, because they live locally. So they must find your stores address with ease.

Another thing you can do is that you can tell the internet store customers to pick up the bought products at your store. Emphasize that this will save them shipping costs. But of course it will save you time (thus money) on handling packages and shipping.

Another plus is that the address is also keyword for the search engine.

4. Use Google Maps
Another thing you can use is Google maps. More and more people are using Google maps for searching an address and a route to an address. The nice thing of Google maps is that you as a business owner can add store information in Google maps. You can even add a photo to this information. If people look at the location of your store they see a click-able icon. If they click on this icon they will see your stores photo and information.

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