Leading a Online Business in tough Times

Every business (online or not) feels the economic downturn. So, how do you lead a (online) business in these economic tough times?

Of course, every business has its specific problems, but we can give some general idea’s you as a business owner can do:

1. Communicate Frequently about the Business

You should frequently communicate the status of the business with your employees. Your people aren’t stupid, they know as much you do about what is going on with your customers. Try to explain to your employees what the economic downturn is doing to the business. Update them frequently and try to be candid. This way you prevent gossip in your business that could be bad for business.

2. Offer a perspective

The odds are that your business has experienced bad times before and probably will experience bad times in the future. This is why you, as a business owner, should put the situation in to context for the employees. Try to point out the past successes of your company during those past thought times.

3. Brainstorm and Business Opportunities

If you haven’t already, try to held some business brainstorm sessions with your employees. Maybe they can think of some good ideas to generate additional income in these though times. Maybe they can also come up with some cost-saving ideas.

4. Try to stay Positive about the Business

If you (as leader and owner of the company) are negative, eventually your employees will be as well. So try to stay optimistic and upbeat. Try to show resolve and strength!

5. Employees

Employees are the backbone of a company. So don’t make things worse then they are by believing that you do not have to worry about holding onto your best people. The overall shortages in talent will reassert itself as soon as the economy begins to recover, so don’t make the mistake by dismissing your best employees in these tough times.

In Conclusion

When things are not going well for the company then you need to get the truth out on the table, no matter how ugly this truth is. Without the truth you are not in a position to deal with it and you can’t lead your business through tough times. Most of all communicate with your employees! You’re not the only one with good ideas.

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