Laid-Off Recently? Start your Own Business

That you got laid off recently may not have been a total surprise, but it still hurts anyway, didn’t it? Now that the emotional toll has almost run its course it is time to plot your next move!

Of course you can look for another job, but in these economic unstable times it’s hard to find a new job. You could also take all your skills and start your own business as a freelancer. In every economic downturn you will see the same thing, people start their own freelance business, because they can’t find a new job or they think — because they are already out of work — that this is the time to for fill their dream.

If you say “yes” to the follow questions than maybe being in freelance business is something for you:

  • Do you have a skill that is marketable in today’s economy?
  • Do you have potential clients?
  • Can you sell yourself?
  • Do you have enough money to live on while you market your new business?
  • Do you know how to use the Internet as a business tool?
  • Do you have perseverance to do what is necessary?

Below you’ll find some tips you should look at if you’re considering a freelance career:

1. Interviewing Skills

You’ll need to brush up on you interviewing skills. Of course you’ve interviewed for jobs before, but this is not just another job interview. In a one-man freelance company you are the sales manager and everything else. Your interview is sales presentations; why should the company hire you to do that job, what skills do you bring, etc and you need to be convincing.

2. Sales Skills are Vital for Business

Everyone who wants to become a freelancer has to recognize that your sales skills are very important. Maybe more important than any other skill! For instance many technical workers would rather sit all day behind a computer rather than networking, meeting people/clients, visit sales event or do other business functions. As a one-man company you can never stop selling, because without it you won’t have any project. Without new projects you won’t have an income. You may not have been born with sales skills, but they can be learned! Check out classes on sales techniques at your nearest university or community college if necessary.

3. Selling while Serving Clients

The freelancers that have new projects lined up after one-project ends will succeed in their business. This means that you can’t ignore your sales role even when you are servicing a client. You do have to do both at the same time!

4. Get a Website

Every freelancer has to have a website, even if you do nothing online or IT related! On this website you place a portfolio of your best work. Also don’t forget to add contact information on this site. (Make sure that you keep the contact information up-to-date, because you don’t want to lose a client because of wrong contact information.) Make sure that the website looks professional!

5. Let People Know

Let everyone know that you are in business for yourself or that you are considering starting a freelance business. Make a business card and hand it out at every opportunity you’ve got (even when the business is not up and running yet.)

6. Community

Make yourself visible in your field and in online communities. Always enter relevant answers and try to become an expert to people. This is a great way to land a new client.

7. Rally Support

Ask your spouse, friends and family for support. You need these people behind you before you start your endeavor, because it can get very lonely as a freelancer.

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