Keyword Marketing to Make Money Online

A lot of people have asked us for an easy way to make money online. The answer to this question is a business model we call “keyword marketing”.

The business model keyword marketing is an simple concept. You build a website around a specific topic (read keyword) and then you try to rank on it in the search engines (like for instance Google.) A keyword topic for instance could be “make money online”.

To make money online with keyword marketing you can follow the steps below:

1. A Domain and Hosting Service

Before you can put a website online you need a hosting service and domain name. A good hosting service is easy to find, just do a quick Google search. (Remember try to get the hosting service as cheap as possible.)

Finding a good domain name that reflect the keyword (topic) you want to use, is a little harder, but still doable. Remember that you choose a name with the keywords in them.

2. Website Design

The second step that you have to do is to install WordPress or Joomla on you domain. In most cases this can be done in just a few steps.

After that you need to find a theme that goes well with your keywords. Or if you are technical you can create your own theme. (If that doesn’t work you can always buy one. Sometimes you need to spend some money to make money online.)

3. Write 50 Articles

Come up with 50 article topics that says something about your website topic and keywords. Of course you can get more than 50 to start with, but for the first two months 50 should be enough.

After you have the 50 topics you should write the articles and these articles should be at least 40 words long. (If you can’t write yourself you can always hire a freelance writer, but try to avoid it if possible. We want to make money online not spend money online.)

You should try to post your articles two or three times a week.

4. Ads and Affiliate Programs

After you have written all your articles you should sign-up for ad programs like for instance Google Ad-sense. Or you can choose to go the affiliate way by signing up by one of these money makers(Read the post an “introduction to different types of affiliate programs” for more info.)

You get money when someone clicks on an ad link or if someone buys something from an affiliate link to a product you promote. So the more traffic, the more change that someone will click a link. More traffic equals making money online.

5. Link Building

The most traffic for most websites comes from the Google Search Engine. These visitors are in search of information and these visitors are more likely to click ads, buy products and earn you money.

To get Google traffic to you site you need as much links from websites to you site. You can do this by guest post on other peoples blogs/websites or by article marketing. Try to get at least 5 links per day for a couple of weeks that use your keywords in the link. After a while you should rank well for the keywords and get traffic to your blog/website.

Note: it is nice if you can rank number 1 for a keyword(s), but it is not always necessary to get good traffic. Ranking in the top 25 is already good enough (and sometimes already hard enough to do.)

6. Repeat the Money Making Steps

The last thing that you need to do is repeating steps 1 to 5 for a different keyword. The more sites you can create (and that are ranking well) the more money you can make online.


It sometimes not easy to make money online, but with enough will power and discipline it can be done. So give keyword marketing a go and let us know if you make a good income after a while.

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