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One of the most common terms in internet marketing is the “call to action” (or CTA) term. With the call to action you are trying to compel the reader to take action and to do what you want them to do (to sign up for news letter for instance.) The use of call to action is one of the most critical elements of a sales letter.

As said before one crucial aspect of a call to action is telling the reader exactly what they must do. So the sentences that you use should contain so called ‘action verbs’, some examples:

  • Use this link to sign up
  • Click here to download
  • Sign up today and receive this free gift…
  • Type in your email address and get a discount…
  • Only available today, buy now! (Note: Buy now should be the link.)

As you can see, the call to action should be compelling and should make the reader take action immediately (for instance: buying the product right away.)

You can use the call to action in two ways:

1. To get a new customer. This means that they want to buy right away. So make sure that they go to the order form right away.

2. For undecided or prospective customers. If the customer is undecided make sure you get their email address so you can send them an offer later (for instance: two days later with a special offer.) CTA is always used to build an opt-in list.

Where to use Call to Action on your page?
You can use call to actions where ever you think it is necessary. Use them often (but don’t overdue it). Some guide lines:

  • Bottom of the page. Every commercial text (mailing, landingpage or brochure) should at least have one call to action text at the bottom of the page.
  • Top of the page. When you use a webpage or email then you should be right to the point. Make your offer clear right away. (An example: $20 discount if you buy today!)
  • Middle of the page. Not everybody is convinced right away, so make sure that you have a CTA in the middle of your page.
  • Use them everywhere (don’t overdue it.) Use them on sales letter, sales pages, mailings, etc.

Make sure that your call to action stands out by using for instance a different font or colour.

Take a look at some sales pages of products that are doing well. (Use clickbank as a research tool, find products and links to sales pages that are doing well.) Try to mimic the call to action of their sales pages or just learn from them.

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