Instead of Hanging on Couch Make Some Money this Christmas

Usually Xmas time is a time to sit-back and relax, but for many the past year was not a good year financially speaking. That’s why maybe this holiday season, instead of hanging on the couch, you make some money. Especially if you go to college, some extra money is never bad.

1 Santa or an elf

Yep, we start with obvious one, because you can make a lot of money dressing up as a Santa or one of his little helpers. Especially if you can play Santa with a twist. These not so formal Santa Clauses do very well on Businesses Christmas parties or in nightclubs. For those who are still in college, form a group, the ladies dress-up “hot” elves and the boys play Santa or a reindeer. These sort of groups do especially well in nightclubs!

2 Seasonal Postman

Around Christmas the people of the postal service are extremely busy. That’s way they usually hire seasonal workers, for instance as a mail sorter. Also many other businesses need an extra hand to deliver all kinds of things. Look around there loads of Xmas seasonal jobs in the delivery business. Delivering catalogs from clothing store or brochures from shops that sell Christmas things. (Do watch out for companies that ask for cash deposits upfront, as they’re likely to be scams. You are trying to make money, not spend money, be careful in your choices.)

3 Shop Work

Working in one of the many retail stores is a great way to make some money on the side at Christmas. Many of the stores, particularly department stores, need an extra helping hand to deal with the seasonal rush. Watch for the many ads in the papers of stores that are trying to find someone for Christmas or New Year. You can make some good money and you’re probably get staff discount, so you also save money on your Christmas spending.

4 Bar Work

Also bars tend to hire extra staff to do bar work. If you are willing to work on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve you can usually make double the usual hourly rate. You need to apply now because these jobs tend to go pretty quickly.

These are just some ideas to make a extra buck this Christmas instead of spending a lot of money or sitting on the couch.

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