Information Products Ideas to Make Money Online

There are many people that make or want to make money online by selling information products. Many of them create their own information products.

Making a profitable information product will cost a lot of time. You need to do a lot of research and information gathering. In most cases the writer needs to be an expert in a specific field. But there are methods that cost less time and you don’t have to be an expert on a subject to make a product about it.

Below you will find these ideas and methods to make your information products in less time then usual methods:

  • Interview an expert – you could interview an expert about a specific subject and write a report about it. Or even better you can ask multiple experts the same questions. This is one of the fastest ways to make good information without doing the research. Another plus is if you can use the name of the expert in your marketing campaign (always ask for permission in writing!)
  • Existing content – you can make use of existing content to create new products. For instance you could create, from old articles that you have written for your website, a new information product. Another way is asking experts for old articles or reports and combining them into a new information product.
  • Checklist – you can make so called checklists or “top 10 ” lists that help people to do something. For instance for a specific task or piece of software. Another good example is the “Adventure game walkthrough” books that where sold in the past.
  • Package PLR content – Some website provide free content e-books and reports that are so called Private Label Rights (PLR) content. You can bundle and package these PLR e-books and sell this package for a low price. (A low price because the buyer doesn’t pay for the content but the buyer pays for work that you have done collecting them and packaging them.)
  • Reprint rights – you can hold a contest about a specific subject where people can send in their own content. If you ask for reprint rights you can use it to make money online as a new information product.
  • Idea factory – Bundle your own ideas in an e-book and sell them as an information product to make money online. For instance, all ideas for new information product could be bundled in a beginner guide for new internet marketers.
  • “How to Videos” – you can make a number of short “how to videos” on a specific subject and sell them as a DVD online. For instance about plumbing or about house refurbishment.
  • Old projects – internet marketers sometimes have old projects lying around that they never finished. Ask them and maybe they give you a project that you can finish and sell them on your own (or split the profit in half.) Make sure you get the owner rights on paper!

These are just some ideas for information products that you can sell to make money online. Give it a try! You’ll see that the methods described above will take less time then traditional methods.

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