Increasing Your eBay Profits with Social Media Websites

A lot of internet marketers already make use of social media websites to make money online. They know that social media websites can be used to increase traffic to a website, thus potentially creating more sales. They can even help develop a brand presence within specific communities which should increase your profits.

You can even use the social media websites to increase your eBay income. As with normal website or blogs you can use the social media websites to increase the traffic to you eBay auctions. The more people that will see your auction the more likely that people are going to bid and what is even more important, they will most likely bid against each other which will increase the money that you make.

There are social media websites that provide features that can be used to make people aware of your auction listings. For instance in Face Book or MySpace you can mention that you are an eBay seller in your profile and you can also include some links to your auctions or eBay store in your profile. Free promotion, which can help you make money online, you got to love it!

Another feature of MySpace is that members are allowed to use the bulletin section. This bulletin section can be used to send messages to all your “friends”. In these messages you can create links to your auction sites. The more “friends” you have the more likely some of them will visit your auction site. If you sell items that belong to a specific topic, then you should try to find “friends” that are interested in that topic. People will click links sooner if it is on a topic that they are interested in, they even buy much easier.

Another social media website feature that you can use is photos of the products you have on your eBay auction page. You can post them in your own photo album.

YouTube is another social media website that you can use to promote your eBay business.

You can post all kind of videos about your business on YouTube, but you have to remember to include a link (to eBay) in the beginning and at the end of video. Especially funny video are doing good, so try to be creative and funny and you make more money online.

These are just a few options of social media websites that you can use in your own internet marketing strategy to promote eBay auctions. With it you can make money online and increase your eBay profits!

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2 Responses to “Increasing Your eBay Profits with Social Media Websites”

  1. chandra on June 18th, 2008 14:41

    I never am comfortable with ebay and now it is social networking too. I think now I must stop avoiding these great opportunities.

  2. Twitter on October 18th, 2013 15:44

    In fact no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it occurs.