Increase Your Freelance Writing Earnings

If you are a freelance writer then you will that it is hard to make a living in the writing business. Until you have established yourself as a writer, you will be working for little to nothing. Most freelance writers get paid by the number of words used.

Of course there are only so many hours in each day in which you can write. Even freelance writers have to eat, sleep and hopefully shower! If you want pay your bills month, then you have to maximize the financial potential of every article you make.

In the beginning of your writing career you have to make sure that you try to write non-exclusive articles as many as possible. The advantage of a non-exclusive article is that you may sell them again to another client. Of course you must not overdue it, but selling it to one or two other clients is in the printed press very normal (sometimes only little changes are made before selling it to another client, the title for instance.)

In the online world this is normally not done, because the search engines dislike duplicate content. Normally the “online” content writer makes larger changes before selling it to another client. (All these things have to be agreed upon by both parties and should be written down in a contract, before writing starts!)The difference in payment between a non-exclusive article and exclusive article is usually minimal. Selling non-exclusive articles to several clients will get you usually more income.

Another method of extending the life of an article is by spinning the subject. Re-write the article (usually you can use the same research material), but change the focus to a different audience.

Take a look at the following spinning example:

Assume that you have written an article about training for a marathon. In this article you have included a lot of research and facts on nutrition, weight training, running shoes and all kind of other information.

To spin and re-write this article you could focus on choosing the right pair of running shoes. You can use the same research material but the outcome should be totally different. Or you could focus the new article on hobbyist runners and how they can improve their running performance by using the materials of the pro marathon runners. Another spin could be how a hobbyist can boost performance by using the nutrition of the professional runners and so on.

There are many ways to spin an article with little or almost know effort (you must make sure that they look like new articles and not as a copy of the old article.)

The methods described above are tried and true methods to increase your income. Many professional writers and freelance writers use these methods every single. You should try it! After a while it will get easier and your income will get higher and higher.

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