Increase Your Business Website Money Making Potential

When you building your business website you need pay attention to every minute detail if you want to make money online and if you don’t want to keep changing your html code later on. Another thing is that it needs to perform optimally. Today we want to give you the four most important rules of thumb to make sure your website will perform well.

1. No Splash pages
For people that do not know what splash pages are: Splash page is an initial Web site page used to capture the user’s attention for a short time as a promotion or lead-in to the site home page or to tell the user what kind of browser and other software they need to view the site.

You don’t see them as much as one or two years ago, but there are still people and businesses that use splash pages in their site. Wrong! Don’t use them; you want people to see your websites information or products right away. If people don’t see what they like right away they will the click the back button of the browser in seconds.

2. Navigation
Provide simple and very straightforward navigation menu. (Even children must be able to navigate the menus. Test it!) Don’t use flash based menus. If people can’t find what they looking for in an easily way they will definitely leave.

3. Breadcrumb Trail
The potential customers need to have a clear indication of where they are. So make sure you use a so called ‘breadcrumb trail’. A ‘breadcrumb trail’ is a row of links that show how your site is structured. You should place it at the top of the page if possible.

A ‘breadcrumb trail’ is another way to prevent people feeling lost in your site. If they take a wrong turn, they know they can go back up the site hierarchy to any of the higher-level pages.

4. Avoid Music
If you don’t have a music selling business then you should avoid the use of music on your website. Especially the annoying midi music some sites use. If you insist on the use of music then you should make sure that people can turn it off and that people can find the off-button!

A good business website that is easy to navigate and the products are easily find will make a lot more money online then with a bad website. So spend some time on the described things above!

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