Income from a Business – The Sky is the Limit

If you look on forums or Yahoo Answer you see many posts with the same question: “Which profession should I pick to get rich?” or “What should I do to get rich quick?”

If you look at these questions then there is only one response possible and that is “you should start a business.” Why this answer you may ask?

If you depict the questions then you will see some keywords: rich, quick and profession.

There is only one profession where you can get rich quick and that is businessmen or business owner (if you can call that a profession.)

And why is this? In our opinion you can only get rich quick with a business, because owning a business will give you an unlimited earning potential. How much a business owner will make only depends on the popularity of the business products or services (minus the normal business costs such as production, taxes, etc of course.) The income from a ‘normal’ job is limited.

Bear with us for one minute longer and we will make our point in this example:
If you have a ‘normal’ job with an income of $3000 a month you will only get $3000 each month. Of course if you work some overtime you get a little more, but the point stands, your income is capped at around $3000.

But if you are a business owner then your income is unlimited. Let’s say that the profit margin of a toy is $10. If you sell 100 toys you’ll make $1000, but if you sell 1000 toys you’ll make $10000. Do you see the difference? Your income is not capped and remember, this is only for one product.

No Guarantee
Of course starting a business doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have success, by all means no, but you can earn potentially much more and quicker with a business then with a ‘normal’ job. The sky is the limit!

We hope that you see the difference between the earning potential of a job and a business. Even if you are a Doctor and make $100000 a year, your income is still limited. With a business you can potentially earn much more then with a job.

A Warning
Be warned, normally owning a business is much more riskier then having a job, but the rewards can also be that much higher. So, you have to make sure that you have a good business plan and that you make use of solid business systems. This way the risk factor is reduced significantly. Also read our article: Why most beginning online business owners fail! for additional info.

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