Improve your Home on the Cheap

In these economic tough times you have to watch out how much money you spend. Of course this doesn’t mean that you stop improving your family’s living conditions. This is why we look at some simple ways to improve your home, but also keeping an eye on the money.

Cheap Towel bar

Every nice warm shower must come to an end. This becomes much easier to take if there is a warm towel waiting for you after the shower. A towel bar is easy to install and isn’t very expansive. You can buy a wall mounted or floor towel bar for around $150.

Inexpensive Fruit

Do you have a backyard and love the taste of fresh fruit than maybe a backyard orchard is something for you. Nothing tastes as good as fresh plucked fruit from your own garden. You can get a lot of different fruit-bearing plants like apples, grape, strawberry, etc for a couple of hundred dollars. A one times investment, but free fruit for the next couple of years. You can mail order these plants from sites like or (If you like working in the garden then look at these <a href="//www lose 10 pounds” title=”10 money saving tips on water in your garden”>10 money saving tips on water in your garden.)

Organizing Closet Clutter on a Budget

A high-end closet organizer can cost you thousands of dollars, but there are also cheaper solutions, like the ‘Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet System’ or similar systems. These systems go for around $150 at Many of these systems are extend-able with adds-on like shoe cubbies or canvas baskets for around $20 each. They are an easy way to organize the clutter in your closets if you’re on a budget!

Chill Wine on the Cheap

Like drinking wine than this one is for you! Kitchen appliances such a wine fridge can be very expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives. You also have counter top appliances such as the Cooper Cooler (around $95) that can chill the bottle of white from room temperature to drinking temperature in a couple of minutes. For those people that don’t like wine, it can also chill a beer in just one minute!

Inexpensive Porch Swing

Do you also love spending time outside, nice breeze, fresh air and sun on your face! Placing a comfortable porch swing will make the porch your favorite spot for all kinds of activities like reading a book or a newspaper. If you don’t have a porch, don’t worry, you can also hang it on a tree branch – or from a stand (although a stand will cost you extra money.)

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