Image Optimization Tips for Search Engines

There are always little things you can do to get a more search engine friendly site. They won’t get you high rankings, but they can give your site a little push towards higher rankings. Every little bit helps!

One of those little things you can do is image optimization…

It is wise to at the keywords of the accompanying article into the image filename.

For instance: the name 23.jpg is bad. The name image-optimization. jpg is good!

To optimize even further you can at the alt-tag to the img html code. The alt-tag adds a textbox on top of the image if you go over it with a mouse. The attribute should describe the image in a short “to the point” way that reads naturally to the viewer.

For example: if the image shows a pair of jumping dolphins, you write in the alt-tag “Two dolphins jumping”

Code example of alt-tag:

<img src=http://www.yoursite/images/make_money_online.jpg alt="make money online"/>

Make sure that the images are not blocked by your robots.txt file. Before the popularity of image search, it was common practice to block your image folder.

In conclusion
Optimizing your images for search engine is a smart thing to do and you can see it is easy. As said before, it won’t get you instant high rankings, but every little bit helps.

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