How to Write Effective Adwords Text Where People will Click On

Writing good advertisement text is one of the hardest jobs there is, especially for internet advertisement. The ads have less space on the web page than “normal” content. The time that a website visitor will look at the ads is very small. That’s why it is very important that the text will attract the attention of the visitor and that the text is better then the competitions text.

The spacing between separate ads is very small in Google Adwords. How do you attract the attention and make sure that people will click on your ad? In jargon it is called the click-through rate of an ad.

Some general ways are:

  • Make multiple ads
  • Use a call to action in the ad text.
  • The keyword must be represented by the ad text.
  • Look at the ads of the competition.

Of course this is only some general ways. At the Google Adwords learning centre they make clear what you can do and cannot do. For instance; using only capital letters, language errors or repetition of words is not permitted. You also can’t use * sign. You only have the text to attract the attention of the visitors, no tricks are permitted.

You can have 25 characters for the title of the Adwords-ad, including spaces. After that you have two lines of 35 characters each to put your text in. Make sure you use them all! (In our opinion ads won’t work with to much white in them. They also look less reliable.)

So what are Adwords-texts where people will click on?

  • Address the visitor with respect.
  • Write about what is unique about your product.
  • Use the curiosity of people, for instance by giving something away. (But be careful, you should never use the words free, etc in your text.)
  • Use the search-term of your ad in your ad-text, as many as two to three times. (It will increase the click-through rate.)
  • If possible, try to make an ad that is relevant for the keyword.
  • Don’t use jargon of technical language (of course if you target technicians you can use technical language.)
  • Words like new, fast, advantage, guaranteed, exclusive and reliable are always working well in ads.

The last thing you have to do is to test, test and test again. That’s why you should make multiple ads. You can pick the one that is working best and make some new ones like that one (and testing will start again.) After a while you know what will work and what will not. You can only find out by trial and error!

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