How to Turn Passing Through Traffic Into Customers

Traffic equals potential business, thus making money online. Every webmaster or online business owner knows this, but they also know that many visitors are just passing through. How to get the most out of those visitors? How to converse these visitors into sales?

Aiming for more sales

In the marketing world they know that most of the people are just browsers and not buyers that are looking for a specific product. This is why they use incentive techniques, such as first time buyers get free shipping or first time buyers get…(you get the idea.)

The aim for them is to increase the chance that people will buy a specific product (even if they are just passing through. They try to make the offer so good that people start thinking; “I can’t leave this bargain” or “that is cheap, I bookmark the page for later and come back later.” This technique of incentivizing is the oldest trick in the book.

Below you will find some simple things you can do to help enhance your sales from people that are just passing through:

  1. Having a very good landing page is a must.
  2. Use photos in the landing page (not just text)
  3. Try to use some testimonials (this proves that people bought from you.)
  4. Entice them with a great offer. Things like: price cuts, free coupons or “buy 2 and get one free.” You get the idea.
  5. Offer a free sample or demo of the product.
  6. Showcase reputable badges, such as for instance “verified Paypal merchant badge.”
  7. Offer a newsletter so that they can get in touch with the latest news on your product.
  8. Be a reputable seller (your reputation and your word are essential.) So if you offer a money back guarantee than keep your word!
  9. Try to enhance sales with exit pop-ups, but don’t overdo it.
  10. Add good and enough information (articles) about the product.
  11. If a reputable (big) brand has written a product review than mention this (with or without a link to the article.)
  12. Try to persuade them, don’t just give a Paypal button.
  13. Tell them why it is better to buy from you than from a competitor.
  14. Show previous accomplishments. For instance if you are graphic artist then show your portfolio.
  15. Add easy to find contact information and most important respond in a timely manner if a potential customer has a question. (Otherwise you will lose the potential customers interest.) This is a problem of many small businesses.

These are some guidelines to follow when you are just making your landing page to promote your product. Try to experiment with several different landing pages, find out what works best for your product and target audience.

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