How to Save Money using Coupons

There are many ways to save a buck, but one of the easiest and most used ways to save money is using coupons.

Groceries are not cheap especially when you are on a budget. So if you can save money on grocery shopping, why don’t you? Embarrassed?

A lot of people feel embarrassed when they use coupons. They don’t want to seem ‘cheap.’ I say those people aren’t cheap and don’t have nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact I think using coupons to save money is very smart. Why should you pay the full price if you can get a discount with such easy thing as using coupons? Get a Sunday paper and use the coupons!

Why should I go true all the trouble of cutting and using coupons if I make enough money? It’s simple! An average family that has a grocery bill of $500 a month can save up to $50 per week with such simple thing as using coupons. That’s around $200 a month! Can’t your family do other things with that kind of money? I grant you that cutting coupons takes some extra time, but $200 extra a month is worth it for me.

I hope that you are convinced by now. So where to get those coupons? We already mention it; normally you can find coupons in circulars or the Sunday paper. Sometimes you find advertising flyers with coupons attached to them in the supermarkets (in most cases near the exits.) Another great source for coupons and coupon knowledge is the Internet. Some sites that specialize in coupons are for instance and

Some Easy Coupon Tips

After a while you’ll see that you can collect a lot of coupons in a short time, sometimes even hundreds of coupons. If this is the situation then you should keep the coupons in a binder system to help you keep organized.

You should also think about starting a price book. This way you can keep track of prices on frequently purchased items and it helps you to see if a coupon gives a great discount or not!


Using coupons is a great and easy way to save money, especially in these tough times. Also please stop feeling ‘cheap and embarrassed!’ There is nothing embarrassing about saving $200 a month!

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