How to Make Money Online Writing

There are a lot of ways to make money online by writing, at least more than you think. Whether you’re a beginning writer or an experienced one, you probably haven’t thought of all the ways to exploit your writing talents. Below you’ll find some quick tips too become a paid online writer.

Join a Freelancing Site

A good way to find clients to write fore is to join one (or more) freelance sites out there and start as a freelance writer. Most of them have a large list of writing jobs or associated work such as copy-editing or translating on their site. But remember only submit bids on subjects you’re interested in and don’t take to much jobs at once, so you can always provide the best service to the clients you’re writing for. (Clients that love your work will build your status on these sites and their good feedback will influence how many bids you’ll win in the long run!)

Portfolio Blog

This one is a must for every freelancer that wants to make money online, a portfolio blog. A portfolio blog is nothing more than a blog with some of your best work on it. Write some articles (use subjects that you know well and want writing gigs in) and post them. You have to make sure that these are unique good articles and not just some pieces you have lying around. These articles must reflect your work, so potential clients can see your writing style and potential. Link to your portfolio site whenever you can. (And please, don’t forget to place up to date contact information on your site.)

Build a Network

To get a steady stream of writing jobs, it is very important to network (or to build a network.) You can use professional networking sites such as Linked-In to keep in touch with you network. Make sure your profile (CV) is up to date at all times. Also keep in touch with old clients and/or colleagues.

Make Guest Posts

Another good way to get potential prospects and build a network is to write guest blog posts. Make sure that the guest blog subject is a subject you are comfortable writing about. Always provide a short bio at the end of the post with a link back to your portfolio blog. These way potential clients can contact you if they want.

These are just some easy ways to start your online writing career and to start making money online. (And don’t forget to create multiple stream of income!)

If you know of some additional ways to start out as a writer than don’t hesitate and leave a comment below!

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