How to Make Money Online Without Doing Very Much!

There are a lot of people who are searching for ways to make money online, today we have an easy way for you to make money online without doing very much. Whether you are a Graphic Artists, Computer programmer, Designer, Photographer, Music Artist, Web Programmer, Writer or Video Artist you’ll probably all have one thing in common and that is that you have leftover stock.

From leftover pictures, videos, web-templates, web-icons or software programs they are all worth something. You can make money online from your skills and leftover stock! And with these economic troubling times, it definitely can’t hurt to have some extra cash in your pocket.

Where to Sell your Stock
There are a lot of sites online where your can sell your leftover stock. Take a look at the list below:

  • AudioJungle – selling audio effects or music loops.
  • Crestock – on this site you can sell your photographs.
  • FlashDen – for selling of flash, video or pixel fonts.
  • iStockPhoto – sell your photos, illustration, video, flash.
  • Lulu – publish you own book or other printable goods.
  • Revostock – Sell video and audio.
  • ThemeForest – Selling your Web templates, WordPress Themes
  • TurboSquid – Selling 3d models, textures or other graphics.
  • Ultrashock – sell photos, flash, vectors, audio.
  • VectorStock – sell illustrations.

And many more, especially in the photographs market.

Income Stream
You can build a steady income stream by selling your stock. Of course to more you post on the sites, the more change there is that someone will buy your item. Sure, you’ll not make thousands a month, but a steady income stream of $200 to $300 is possible.

Especially for freelancers this can be a second stream of income. Most freelancers have those hours in between projects. In this time they can make things to expand there online stock. After a while the online stock can contain hundreds of items, thus more change that someone buys your item. This way you’ll reach the $300 mark easily!

So search in your portfolio, computer or wherever you have stored your leftover stock for items that you can sell to make money online. Posting process is easy and before you know it you also will feel the thrill of your first sell and pay-check from your leftover stock.

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