How to Gradually Build an Online Business

For many of us it is a dream to get out of our 9 to 5 job and becoming a full time online business owner, becoming a freelancer or simple make money online from our favorite hobby. But many of us don’t dare to take the leap because for most of us the step is too big.

We ask ourselves questions like: What if we fail? How are we going to live? Will I loose my house?

But there is an alternative solution to the dream. Why don’t you gradually build on an online business? Simple! Just start a side business and slowly build a business, until you make enough income to make the switch to full time business owner.

This is how many small business owners have started. They gradually increase the online income until they reach a comfortable level. An example: let’s say you make $500 each week and work 5 days a week. This means you only have to make $100 dollar each week to replace one full days work. Now you can afford to work just 4 days a week and with the day of you build on your business. Of course in the hope that you can expand it to $500 each week from your online activities, so that you can quit your 9-5 job! (Tip: before you start working part-time make sure that the income of the online activities is steady and do not vary.)

This is the strategy that many online entrepreneurs have followed:

Spare time -> Part Time -> Full time

Many start out as part of their hobby and gradually build it into a full time business.

Here are some things you need to have to make it:

1. Attitude
You need to have an “I can do it” attitude to make it. Every business-men or woman should have such an attitude, but you need it even more when you gradually build up a business.

Such an attitude will help you if you get discouraged when the business is doing so well. An “I can do it” attitude will help you push those hard times.

2. Creativity
You are building your business in your spare time you need to be as efficient as possible, because time will be scares. That is why you need to be creative! Creative people will think of better ways to do things (in the least amount of time.) Try brainstorming ideas on a piece of paper, or try bouncing ideas off friends.

3. Hard Work
If you take the gradually business building then you have to remember that you take on extra work. You will have your 9 to 5 job AND you work on your business ventures in your spare time. Make sure you also plan time to have fun and rest. Otherwise you will give up later down the road. Planning your time and work will help you tremendous, time-management is the key to success!

You can also find some planning and time-management tools on this page.

4. Outsourcing
Because you can only do that much in a day, especially if you also have a 9 to 5 job, you should think about outsourcing certain task. Even in the early stages of your business you can always find some tasks that can be outsourced. For instance: building your website, writing content or maybe someone that can help you with the day to day tasks such as a virtual assistant.

Why should you spend time doing something that will earn you $10/hour when you can pay someone else to do it and you can spend your time on the things that earn you much more? Just think about it.

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