How to Get Your Marketing E-mails Opened!

As the economy continues along its unsteady path, you as a small business owner need to look at ways to keep your online business financially healthy. One way to do that is by looking at tools you already have, for instance you’re marketing e-mails. If you can use them effectively and efficiently as possible then maybe you can ride out the financially storm of the coming months or year(s.)

That’s why we look today at “How to Get Your Marketing E-mails Opened” by looking at five tips for writing effective marketing e-mails.

1. Personalization Internet Marketing E-mails

You need to use the power of grabbing someone’s attention by using a personalized subject line and opening statement. You must have seen it before, because using a recipient’s name in your subject line is very common. But you can take it a step further. The more you know of people on the list the further you can use it.

A quick example:
Starting your subject line with “Anne, want to leave the city this weekend?” is already very good, but if you know the city where Anne lives then you could say something like this “Anne, want to leave Boston this weekend?” The change that Anne will open this e-mail is very high.

For this to work you need to collect as much data as possible on a person add opt-in of that person. The downside is, the larger the opt-in form the more likely a person will click away, so don’t make an opt-in form with 15 boxes that need to be filled in.

2. Keep the subject lines of your Marketing E-mails short

It’s been proven that subject lines with 41 characters or less are getting a higher opening rate. So you need to keep the subject line as short as possible and still use a line that is appealing.

Don’t believe us; then look at your own in-box. Which are more appealing the shorter or longer subject lines? Which are grabbing your attention, we bet it’s the shorter one.

3. Formatting of the Marketing E-mails subject lines

You need to keep the formatting of your marketing e-mails subject lines simple and easy to understand. For instance you don’t use all capital letters, don’t use dollar signs, etc.

Make them look like a family member or friend has written it, keep it natural!

4. Use a compelling angle in the Marketing E-mails subject

Of course, it will require more then just using personalization and formatting in the subject line. For example you’ll still need to come up with a good angle. Without a good angle you’ll not grab the attention of the reader and they won’t open the e-mail.

Some ideas:

  • Share news or announcements – People love to find out new things from a specific industry.
  • Curiosity – Suggest that the reader is missing something special. For instance a good offer or some valuable piece of info.
  • Sense of urgency – Creating a subject line with sense of urgency does always work well. For instance: “Anne, just 55 copies available.”
  • Benefits – Another good approach is to emphasize the benefits in the subject line of your marketing e-mails. For instance how they can make money or save time and money.

5. Subject lines that relates to the content of the marketing e-mail

People don’t like to be fooled, so if your subject line doesn’t reflect the content of the e-mail, the reader will feel fooled and cheated. A fooled reader will hurt your credibility in the end.

So if your subject line says “Joey, five ways to make money online” you better make sure that you’ll give five good ways to make money in the content.

In conclusion
As you can see it’s time worth spending to come up with a good subject line that will entice readers to open your e-mails. That four to six words that you choose can be vital to your business.

A last tip: save all subject lines that you use in a separate document and after the campaign grate them by which one get opened the most. It’s valuable information for later campaigns.

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