How to Get more Incoming Links

One of the most important search engine optimization aspects is getting those incoming links. Of course getting them from a respected website is a must.

Asking for links as in link exchange campaign can take a lot of time and effort. But there are much easier ways and they taking less time! One of these ways is making lists. What for lists you may ask? It is all up to you, you choose!

The purpose of making the list is link-baiting. Link-baiting is making content for the purpose of incoming links. The content has to be important or at least interesting enough so that people want to link to it.

In this article we will discuss two link-baiting examples:

Example 1: A list of links to other websites

In the first example we will discuss making a list of links to other websites. Pick a subject, find top websites and make a link list.

Of course a short description per link will make it more interesting. An example can be found on this site, take a look at “150 Essential Business or Freelancing Tools and Resources” this is a good example. As you can see, it is easy to make, but it will get you incoming links.

Not everybody knows internet marketing so I will give you some more examples:

  • Computer store: You can make a lot of list for a computer store. You can for example make a list on how to make your computer faster or on the best video cards. Another example is a list on the largest hard disks for the best price.
  • Travel website: Not everybody speaks the language of their travel destination. So, make a list of travel destinations and link to online travel dictionaries.

This is just some examples. You can make a list on almost everything.

Example 2: Write a manual

Another way of getting incoming links is writing a manual on a specific subject. For instance you can write a manual on how to optimize your Adwords campaign.

It cost you more time then making a list, but it’s worth it. It not only gets you those incoming links but it can also set you as an expert in a specific field. You have to make sure that the quality of the manual is excellent and the links will come.

I will give you some other examples:

  • Travel website: You could write a manual on the culture of different countries and how the traveler should cope with the culture of those countries. Or a manual on things you should bring on your travels.
  • Computer online store: You can write a manual on how to keep your computer free of viruses. Or a manual how you can upgrade a computer. The list is endless.

If the manual is of good quality then the incoming links will come and sometimes they will come fast!

If you can think of subject where you should make a list or a manual about, you could ask your website visitors. Most visitors will gladly give you some subjects where they need information on.

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