How to Build a Powerful Squeeze Page

One of the most powerful tools of the internet marketer is their e-mail list or opt-in list. An e-mail list can be used to make money online or just to stay in contact with the people on the list by sending them free information, in the form of a newsletter for instance. But how do they build their e-mail list?

It’s simple they use so called opt-in forms and/or squeeze pages to get the e-mail addresses of the people. Normally they offer something free (free pictures for instance), the user wants this free gift and enters his or her e-mail address, the e-mail address is recorded and an auto-responder sends the free gift to the users e-mail address. (Side-note: Auto-responders can help you make money online read more about it here.)

What is the difference between a squeeze page and a “normal” opt-in form?

A “normal” opt-in form is nothing more than a form. Normally you get something for free if you opt-in with your e-mail address. (See the opt-in form on the sidebar of this page as an example.)

A squeeze page is a web page that, when the visitor “lands” on it, he/she is asked to opt-in to some type of list in order to proceed further (for instance to a online course.) On some squeeze pages, your only options are to opt-in or leave. On others, you are given a method to continue exploring the site without opting in. Some purist would argue that the second type isn’t a real squeeze page.

How to optimize your squeeze page? Take a look at the 5 squeeze page tips below:

1. Legitimate
You have to make sure that the page looks legitimate. If the prospect thinks that it’s not legit or he/she will be spammed if they leave the e-mail address, then they will leave. So make it look as professional as possible! Always leave a sentence that says that you won’t spam there inbox and make sure you don’t!

2. Form
Try to make the opt-in form standout from the rest from the page. For instance by using different colors or drop-back shadow behind the box.

3. Above the fold
Plan your squeeze page in such a way that the op-in form is above the fold. The best thing to do is to place an opt-in form at the top of the page and on the bottom of the page.

4. Free
Always offer something in exchange for their e-mail address. People like free stuff and are easier to convince to leave their e-mail address if there is something in it for them.

5. Call to Action
A “call to action” sentence is what it’s says: a call to some user action! For instance a call to action could be: “NOW leave an e-mail address and receive product X!” Normally is this sentence in a different color. You can use as many “call to actions” as you want, but don’t overdo it.

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