Have a Good Business Building Year!

Happy New Year! I know, I know, a little late but we decided two weeks ago, that we would take the last two weeks of year off. We hope that you had a good holiday season and that you are ready to build on your (online) business in 2009.

Make sure that you have your marketing plan ready for 2009, because all the signs are showing that 2009 will be a difficult business year. Doing more or less on marketing in bad times , which is the question for this year.

Last year the hot topic was the credit crunch, but does this mean that there is no money to made in 2009? Of course not! As long if you plan, plan, plan!

Before we end this small post we want to mention some things we have planned in 2009:

  • New look for this blog – We hope to bring it online on the end of January.
  • New category – How to build a membership website and make money online with it. Also online on the end of January, at least the first few posts.
  • New category – How to start a (online) business. All the things that you need to know to build an online business accessible from one page. Planned for February.
  • Some special sections – closer look at some topics. The topics are secret for now, but will be online in February.

And these are just a few things that we have planned for 2009!!

We hope that you have a good and of healthy 2009 and of course we hope to see you back on this website this year.

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