Growing your Party Planning Work from Home Business

If you would ask anyone in business for the most important aspect in starting a home business for someone who wants to work from home and you’ll get many different answers: cash flow, profit margin, enough capital, time, perseverance and more.

Of course, all these things are important, but there are many work at home businesses that have been started with a small profit margin or a low budget. These things are inconvenient, but such a home-based business can still thrive, as long they understand basic marketing. Marketing and advertising are essential to any business, so they are also very important for a work from home business.  No one can buy from a business if they don’t know what the business is selling.

The party planning business is an excellent work from home opportunity, but you have to remember that a home business is not different from a “normal” business. You have to do some marketing and most of all you need to concentrate on getting new bookings. (New bookings can potentially lead to even more new bookings, so concentrate on getting NEW bookings and NEW means not from people that are already your customer.)

Some things you could do to grow your work from home business (and not only for party planning business):

1. Party Plan Home-based Business Website

You should really create a website for your work from home business. If you’re not technical, you can get someone to do it for you, for around $50. Make sure you get a .com domain for your business! (If it is possible, choose a domain name that reflects you business name or is your business name.) Create some email addresses and always send your emails from your new domain. Local business means local internet marketing, so use keywords in your content for the local area that you serve.

2. Business Cards for your Home-based Enterprise

Create or order some business cards for your business (besides your number, make sure you also mention your website and email address.) You should order as many as you can afford. You should hand them out at any opportunity you get. Always give away two business cards at a time, because people will give them away to other people. This is exactly what you want; you want your business cards in circulation.

3. Create Flyers for your Work from Home Business

You should definitely create or order some flyers for you home-based party planning business. You can create some standard flyers, but you should also create some flyers with a special monthly offer on them. As with the business cards, try to get them in circulation. For instance you should put some up at the local groceries stores and convenience store windows.

Tip: put a couple on a string, so people can take one of to take it with them.) Another good place to leave your flyers is on the food table of the party you’ve planned (if people like the party, they maybe they take a flyer home with them.)

Another tip: ask friends and family to spread the word (also give them some promotional materials that they can hand out.)

Last tip: never put a price on the website or the flyer. The goal is to get the people to contact you, so you can sell them your service (and maybe negotiate about the price.)

4. Create a Newsletter

To keep people up to date of new party trends or new services that you offer, you should send out a newsletter. This newsletter can be send by email or snail mail. If possible, use email, it’s cheaper.

Tip: you can also do both, for instance send your normal newsletter by email, but send a snail mail “special” newsletter every three to six months.

5. Use giveaways in your Work from Home Business

Things that always work good to get new leads are so called giveaways. These are in-expensive items that are in your product line. You can hand them out at parties (or if the guest are going home.) Make sure your business name or website is mention on them. Some example of giveaways: soap, candles, colouring pencils for children’s parties, etc.

6. Throw yourself a Party

To generate new bookings, you could throw yourself a party. This should be the best party you’ve ever done! People need to see that you can throw a party, so invite everyone in your database. (Yes we know it is expensive, but it is the best advertisement you can make!)

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make your work from home business work. Be creative, try new things and advertise, advertise, advertise! Always try to think of new ways to make your business known to the world.

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