Grow your Home Business using Outsourcing

There are many people that go into business and start a home-based business, because they desiring success and better balance in their lives. They are fed up spending hours commuting and dealing with corporate politics. But starting and growing a business (also a home-based business) costs a lot of time, thus in turn will leave you less time for personal obligations.

You can build a staff that can do lot of the work for you, but many home based businesses don’t make enough money to hire full time employees. Of course, the hope is that the business will make enough profits in the future to hire full time employees, but for know you may be better of if you outsource some of the work. This way you can hire when you need someone without having to worry about hiring, firing, payroll taxes, etc.

To determine where you can use some help, you should start by making a list of all tasks you do each month. After you have made the list you can determine which of the tasks you don’t like to do and what is taking up the majority of your time. It is also wise to look at all the financial transactions you have made in the past. Look for how much money you make on a specific task. This way you can see how much you can pay someone to do the task and still make a profit. (For instance you make $20 if you do a specific task. Then maybe you can find someone who will do it for $10. You do less work and you are still making a profit!)

You can find help on an hourly, per project or set-fee basis. For instance:

  • Writers

Professional writers that can create content for websites, e-mails, marketing materials, sales letters, ghost-writing, EBooks, etc.

  • Salespeople

You can try to find someone who will work on commission basis, like affiliates for instance. If you have someone who is focussing on sales all the time, then you have more time to create new products or do other business related things.

  • Marketers

A good marketer can help you launch new products and service. Or just making your company (brand) more known by the general public.

  • Receptionists or VA

If you spend a lot of time answering telephone calls and e-mails then maybe you can hire a receptionist service or a Virtual Assistant (VA). It looks more professional and you free up time that you can spend on those important e-mails and calls. (A VA can also do all kinds of other administrative tasks.)

  • Graphics Designers

A good graphics designer can make logos, images for a website and all kind of graphics that can be used in marketing materials.

  • Programmers

They can help you build new websites, programs that you can sell, gateway programs between different programs you use in your business, etc.

Of course there are many other people you can hire for many other tasks you have. Just look into it and try to find someone where you can build a long term business relationship with. You will see that you will work less hours and your business will grow much faster.

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