Generating Website Traffic

Placing a website online is easy, but your site also needs visitors to become a success. There are many ways to generate traffic. Below we will explain some things you can do!

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
You can get a lot of targeted traffic using PPC advertising. The two most effective PPC advertising programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. PPC advertising programs allow you to bid for keywords. (Choose your keywords wisely!).

When a user enters a search string in a search engine and some words of the search string matches your keywords, then your ad will appear on the sidebar of the search result page. Your ad can also appear on a website that is using Google Adsense. If a visitor clicks on your ad link then you will be charged an X amount of money. (The amount depends on your bid amount).

Posting messages on forums
One way to get free traffic to your site is by posting messages on forums with a link to your site. Make sure that the forums are for your target audience.

1) Find as many forums as you can on the subject of your website.

2) Find out the rules of each forum. In some forums it is allowed to leave a link in each message that you post. On other forums you must place your links in signature.

3) For the next couple of days the only thing you have to do is to place questions or answer questions from other people. Make sure that the replies are helpful!

Article marketing
Another way to generate traffic is article marketing. You need to write some articles that contain some links to your website(s) or affiliate product(s). After you have written the articles you have to submit them to as many as possible article directories. Another possibility is publishing the articles using peer to peer networks. Try to publish a new article every week!

One of the ways to generate traffic is to start a newsletter. In the newsletter you can make links to new articles or products. BUT make sure that it is possible (must be easy) for users to get off the newsletter email list! If it is not possible your newsletter email is SPAM. Spam emails are bad for your sites name and thus bad for business.

Tell everyone
Ask your friends and family to advertise your site (for instance in there email or forum signatures). Another possibility is using your URL on business cards.

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