Generate Traffic and Income with Banner Ads

One method you can use to promote your business website or blog is to use banner advertising to get more traffic to your site. The more traffic to your business website or blog, the more money you potentially can make. You have to remember that running banner ads can cost a lot of money, but the returns can also be high.

If you want to start a banner campaign you need to design a banner ad. If you can’t design the banner yourself you can always look on one of the many freelancers websites for someone who can do it for you. It will cost you a small fee of course, but it spares you the pain and hassle of designing and creating it in Photo-shop yourself.

Before you hire some freelancer to create the banner ad for you, you do need to know clearly what types of banners will generate traffic; otherwise you will end up with a design that doesn’t work. (Not all freelancers can design and understand the delicate art that is called marketing.)

Several things that you have to keep in mind when creating a good and successful banner ad to generate traffic, thus potentially make money online:

1. The purpose of your banner ad is to draw the attention of the visitors. The banner has to entice the visitors to click on the ad so that they will be send to your website or offer so you can make money online. Thus, you must be very careful how you design and make your banner.

2. One of the big mistakes that people make is that they use and put to much info onto the small banner ad space. Too much info will not help; you rather use a defined call to action!

3. Write a short or sweet slogan that acts as the ideal teaser. With only a few words you must grab the attention of the visitor.

4. If your company or business is already popular or known by a large audience, then you can use your company logo into the banner, but it is not a must.

5. The colors and font that you use in the banner ad can also play an important role. The banner needs to stand out from the other ads that are on the publishers sites. Again, you must grab the attention of the visitors in a blink of an eye. You may for instance use bright colors with a contrasting color for the fonts.

6. Look at other banners from big companies. They can give you some ideas for your own banner ad. Banner ads of big companies are normally well researched, so use the knowledge that they gained and use their concept in your own banners. (Don’t make them the same of course!)

After you have designed and created the banner ad with the tips above, then you need to find websites or blogs that will use the banner (against a fee of course.) Try to find website or blogs that are related to your product or service. They also need to have at least 500 unique visitors daily! (You can use for instance to get an indication of the sites traffic ranking.)

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