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The observant internet marketer or SEO specialist must already have noticed that the free Overture Keyword suggestion tool is no longer free.

The original link now points to a Search Engine Marketing page of Yahoo.

But luckily for us internet marketers or SEO specialists there are some free alternatives. Below you find a list with free keyword research tools:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool – A free keyword tool from Google. Very useful to find keywords that are related. The downside of this tool is that it doesn’t show the precise search number.
  • Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool – The data used by the Wordtracker keyword tool comes from the search engines Metacrawler and Dogpile. Wordtracker also offers a pay version.
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – Very useful site that uses the Yahoo tool. Also very useful is that the tool provides links to other tools. Very useful to do additional research.
  • Google Trends – A useful tool to determine which keywords is visited more often. For instance: if you want to know if people use keyword “laptop” more often then “notebook” then this tool will give you the answer!
  • AdCenter Labs Keywords – Almost the same as Google trends. A feature that is very useful is that with each keyword they give information about the age and sex of the people that used that keyword. (They are also offering many other useful tools.)
  • Trellian Keyword Suggestion Tool – A useful tool. Gives accurate result. They also offer a payed option with much more advanced features.

Do you know of other FREE keyword tools then please leave a comment! If you have good or bad experience with a certain keywords tool then please also leave a comment!

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