Forum Marketing to Make Money Online

Before you can make money online with the products or ads on your website, people first need to be aware of your website. One of the free marketing methods internet marketers use to promote websites is forum marketing. Besides free, another plus is that it is easy.

Before you joining any forum, you need to do some homework, before you can use forums effectively to generate traffic for your money making website:

1. Relevancy
The forums that you want to join must be relevant to your own websites topic. For example if you selling hotrod car parts then join a hotrod car forum. This way you can participate in relevant discussions and point out solutions that of course can be found and bought on your own website.

2. Large Traffic Forums
Because you want to generate traffic to your site, you must pick and join only the larger popular forums that cover your websites subject. Most forums show member statistics on their site, showing active members and inactive members. Choose forums with at least 10.000 active members.

3. Forums Rules
Before you place a link in a post or in your signature, make sure that it is allowed by reading the forums rules. The signature link plays a major role in generating traffic to your own site, so it is vital that it is allowed on the forums that you choose.

4. Participate
After you have setup the profile and signature, you need to participate in as many discussions as possible.

5. Reputation
Try to build a reputation as an expert on the forums that you choose. Never post ads or other sales messages, only give subtle hints to your products during a discussion. Try to formulate your answer as good as possible (An answer is good if the discussion stops after your well formulated answer.) Remember, building a reputation as an expert can take a long time so stick with it!

If you follow these five steps you will see an increase of traffic to your site and with some luck you will some bucks in the process. The main thing is that you answer posts regularly!

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