Expand Your Business by Offering Choices!

If you are as every business owner then you are always looking for ways to expand your business to make more money online. (Even if you are gradually building an online business you need to expand your business at some point.) One easy way to expand your business is by putting the power of choice directly into your customer’s hand. If you do it right you will create more sales and even please your customers which in turn will get you more customers (word of mouth advertising.)

Many business owners (especially web shop owners) have “blinders” on, because they continue to offer and market the same products/service over and over again in the same way. Most of them don’t even see the problem, because it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine. If they we’re offering a choice they would make a lot more money online.

Let us give you an example. Many of top hotels have very good marketing and customer service departments. They know that if you give the customer choices they enjoy the stay more and even better, they will recommend the hotel to friends and family. (Getting the hotel new and more customers, thus more income!)

For instance they offer all kinds of sport activities, many different bars/restaurants, Pillow menus (choosing the type of pillow you want), Room Service Menu, etc, etc. They offer you, the customer, choices to make yourself as convertible as possible and to make your stay as pleasant as possible (of course in the hope that you will return.) Having a variety of choices is powerful way to serve more clients. This level of service will make a lasting impression on the customers.

If the hotels can do, so can you. Just take hard look at your current portfolio, aren’t there ways to give people a choice? For instance you are now offering only one service isn’t there a way to split this into three services. (Service one is good, service two is better, service three is top of the line.) You’ll get the picture!

This does not only work with services, but also with products. For instance you could combine product and offer it as a complete package.

Start offering more choices to your customers and you will see that you make more money online. Start, TODAY! It’s easier than you think.

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