Every Online Business Needs a Backend Marketing Strategy!

An online business with a good back-end marketing strategy can make more money online than an online business without a back-end marketing strategy. A back-end marketing strategy is a form of marketing method that involves the use of strategies to sell additional services or products to an existing list of customers. Back-end marketing is a powerful technique to grow your online business and increase your business profit.

The goal of every e-commerce website is to make money online. So why is it, that many of the small online businesses are not using back-end marketing to boost their income? It’s simple, because most small businesses are focusing on the initial sale!

Today we look at some reasons why every online business should have a back-end strategy:

Closing Sales
Research has shown that the success of selling to an old customer is eight times higher that of selling to a new customer. So you could convince an old customer to buy from you much easier.

This is why you should care about your old customer. For instance if you have sold product X and you launch a new product that is relevant to owners of product X than you should send them an e-mail where you tell them of the new product. You will see that they are more likely and willing to buy the new product, because they are familiar with your brand.

Fast Profit
Because old customers will buy sooner than new customers you can make money online very quickly. As an incentive you should offer old customers a discount. This method has been widely used by so called “internet marketing gurus” and with success. So give it a go when you launch your next product. Also the offering of bonus products can help you to close the sale much easier.

Minimal Cost and Effort
Sending an e-mail about a new product that you are launching is very cheap and can be done without to much effort. You can only do this if you have saved the e-mail addresses of old customers and if you have linked the products that they have bought to that e-mail addresses.  (Tip: you should make a different e-mail list for each product.)

Since every business can make second or even third sales from old customers, a back-end marketing strategy is very important. You will see that if you apply a back-end marketing strategy that your business income probably will increase. Just give it a go!

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