Every Business Needs a Good Online Reputation!

More and more businesses are using a large portion of their marketing budget for online marketing campaigns. The classical way of establishing a brand where the public was overwhelmed with TV ads and newspaper ads seems to be over. It seems that marketing people begin to realize that they need to build on a businesses online reputation, if a business wants to succeed.

Why should every business have a good online reputation?

Nowadays, what a business is telling or promising in their advertisement can better be true. The motto of many businesses in the past was “Over promise, under deliver.” Bad products or bad services, no one seemed to care in those businesses. “The attention span of people is very short, they will soon forget” is what these businesses seemed to think.

Those companies where already wrong. Each customer that is not satisfied will tell their negative experience to at least six friends, who in their turn tell it to three other people.

Now that we live in a digital world the impact of “bad news” is much larger. Each customer that is not satisfied with product or service of a specific company has many (online) options to express their dissatisfaction. They can use their personal blog for instance and it can turn out really bad for a business, if this blogger is an “authority” in that field. Authority bloggers can reach tens of thousands of people with one post!

Take for instance tripadvisor.com, they have a not to underestimated impact on the traveling sector. People don’t trust the ads of traveling agents anymore. People seem to trust the opinions of other travelers more and with internet they can even find the opinions of others even faster than in the past. For instance on trip-advisor they can find all sorts of information about their traveling destination; was the room clean? The food nice? Was the service friendly? – and so on.

Company’s who think that they can just ignore criticism about their products of services should rethink their position. Before they know it, some customer that is not satisfied with a product or service, will make a little movie with their mobile phone about their ‘bad’ product or service and post it on site like YouTube for instance. The reach of video sharing sites like YouTube is very, very large, most TV stations can only dream about it.

With everything you do for your business think about what it will do to your business online reputation. How will people perceive your products and services? These are things you need to think about and most of all do some research for.

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