Email Marketing, Where to Start?

It is much cheaper to keep a current customer then searching for new customers. In other words; getting new orders from former customers is easy and is not as costly as attracting new customers. A good back-end marketing strategy is very important!

You only have to do the following two things to make another sale from an old customer:

  • keeping a customer satisfied by a good service and a timely delivery of your product or service
  • Letting the customer know that you exist.

The first statement is obvious and we could write a whole book about that subject, but this subject is not where this article is about. This article is about internet marketing or email marketing so we will focus on the second statement “letting the customer know that you exist.” What is simpler or cost-effective then sending an email?

E-mail marketing very Cheap

As said before, using e-mail is a very cheap method to letting former customers know that you still exist, especially if you compare it with other media or methods. You can send an email from Outlook in 5 minutes or so. (What? You don’t think that sending marketing mails from Outlook is very professional? I agree with you, in a later paragraph we’ll take a closer look at this.)

When can we Send an E-mail to a Customer?

You can send old customers an email every time you want. (Don’t overdo it, never spam their inbox, this is not good for business.) There are also very good periods to send e-mails to former customers.

Note: that the examples we mention below are after the customer already has received their product. For instance there are already a couple of weeks past between the purchase and the email we will send.

Good periods to send an old customer marketing email:

  • Of course, after a couple of weeks after their initial purchase. Mention new products that are on sale or a special offer. You can also ask if they satisfied with the service. If so, ask them to make a review and ask permission to use it on your site.
  • A customer birthday is also a good time to send a marketing email. Tip: sending the email a day before the birthday is also a good tricks, because most people won’t read their email on their birthday. You want to catch them in a good mood! Offer them a special birthday offer.
  • Special days. For example Valentines Day, Christmas or what ever other special day your country has.
  • When an update or add-on of a product the customer bought before comes available.
  • A new product comes available that has more features then the customer has bought before. (Note that you leave sufficient time between the purchase date and this email. Such an email can have the opposed effect if they just bought an “old” version of that item.
  • A weekly or monthly newsletter.

As you can see there are many opportunities to send a customer a follow-up email. You split the target audience in two groups: common and customer specific. For the first one you only need their email and name, but for the second one you need more customer specific information (birthday date, what kind of product they have bought, etc.)

(Semi-) Professional or Amateur Marketing E-mails?

There are different levels of email marketing. The more professional you get, the more money it will cost you. Of course the more professional you get, the higher the gains.

Amateur email marketing is sending your mails with Outlook. Notice that amateur doesn’t mean bad, but the possibilities are limited. You can send common emails to customers, but making them personal take a lot of time. Also the results are hard to measure.

Semi-professional or Professional email marketing is sending your emails from so called mail providers. These are online email marketing services where you can create an account and who are taking care of all technical aspects of mail delivery. Some examples of their service:

  • Large bulk mail no problem
  • They have agreements with other companies, so mails won’t end up in the spam box.
  • Measurable click through rates
  • Simple way of personalise emails
  • Auto response emails
  • Split of lists


There are many levels of email marketing. Important is to know what you want to achieve and picking the right method/service accordingly. One thing is always true; with email marketing you can boost your business, thus income.

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