Email Marketing Make them Feel Welcome

Every Internet marketer knows that the key to online marketing is building a well targeted and responsive opt-in email list. So many websites use a newsletter system or a free eBook to build their email list.
To build a responsive email list, it is vital that you maintain a relationship with your subscribers and that you earn their trust. So as in real life, the first impression that you leave, counts!

So if someone opt-in for your newsletter, free report, free ebook or white paper it is very important that you make them feel welcome. Sending a welcome email can do this.

Note: this email should be sent separately from your e-products and it should be sent right away, not the next day!

The welcome email is also an ideal place to tell the subscriber about the important pages of your site, like the terms, FAQ, other sites you have in the same category, etc.

If you sell products or offer a paid service, you should also mention them in the welcome email. (Note: don’t list twenty products. You should direct them to the online shop with a link.)

So the mail should make them feel welcome and should also be informative.

If you take all these things into account then your online business gained a powerful Internet Marketing Strategy.

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