eBay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I set my starting price?

Browse similar auctions. Use the “Completed Listings Only” search function to compare bidding patterns. A lower starting price will attract more bidders in most cases.

Should I set a reserve price?

No. Your minimum selling price should be your starting price. Many bidders will ignore auctions with a reserve price.

When is the best time to start my auction?

Weekends, between 8:00 PM and midnight Eastern Time.

Should I offer free shipping?

Check similar items in your category. If the other sellers offer free shipping you should do it to. But most bidders expect to pay for shipping costs so don’t hesitate to ask for a reasonable shipping fee.

How much should I charge for shipping?

Look at your cost. It is not only the posting fee, your also need to include your packaging materials price. It is also standard practise to include the various fees charged by eBay and Paypal.
Make sure you clearly state your shipping charge in your auction.

Is the 10-day auction a waste of money?


Should I ship internationally?

You might attract more bidders and a higher selling price. You’ll definitely have to pay more for postage and fill out Customs Declarations. Specify a separate higher shipping price for international bidders.

Should I post a photo of my item?

Yes. People like to see what they’re buying. (Make sure that the surrounding of the item is nice when you take the photo). Adding a photo will increase your selling price.

Should I accept personal checks?

No. After shipping charges, bounced checks are the second most common source of problems on eBay.

Should I offer a return policy?

No. If you clearly describe the item’s condition and post a photograph, there should be no reason for a return. (Always be honest when you describe your item’s condition!)

Should I use PayPal?

Yes. (Note: Don’t leave money in your PayPal account. When your customers pay, immediately transfer that money from PayPal into your checking account.)

Should I email the bidder to confirm when I’ve shipped his item?

Yes. It’s a small courtesy that bidders appreciate.

Should I buy shipping insurance?

If you’re selling small items, offer it at extra cost. Most bidders won’t buy it though. If you’re selling expensive items, you should always use shipping insurance and build the cost into your shipping & handling charge.

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