Earn by Becoming an Online Tutor

Have you ever wondered how you will be able to make money online with your academic skills? Well, you can bring in an extra income by becoming an online tutor. By becoming an online tutor, you will not only earn from 10$ to 40$ per hour, you will also be able to help average or below average students to do well in their particular classes. If you can manage to do that, it will serve as a big achievement on your part and it will definitely be more valuable than the money that you will earn.

If you graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, you can start this career by applying with an online company that specializes in online tutoring. TutorVista, Sylvan Online and E-Tutor are among the leading names in this industry.

Of course you will have to undergo the same application process as you would with any other companies online. You will be required to send your resume or fill out an online form from these companies’ websites. Remember though that you highlight your grades, your experiences as a tutor, your computer skills, your internet savvy and typing speed as well as your interpersonal communication skills. If you have the qualifications, you can expect a phone call or an email from the company with whom you had processed an application. They will inform you that you can start your career as an online tutor.

Online tutoring centres or companies usually use an electronic whiteboard for handling tutorial tasks. This electronic whiteboard can be accessed through the websites of these companies. This tool will enable the tutor and his pupil to go over uploaded assignments together and work on them. Chatting is also allowed and this feature can further the communication between the tutor and his pupil. Moreover, they can also exchange words by sending emails or phoning.

If you have not graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, you might think that it is impossible for you to start a career as an online tutor. Although you might have a hard time applying with companies because you lack some qualifications, it is still achievable if you could start your very own on online tutoring business. This will fulfil your dreams of becoming an online tutor in spite of the fact that you lack some requirements.

To start a tutoring business on the net, you need to have a message board or boards and a chat room as well. You can get these tools for free but free tools always have limitations and you should be aware of it. They also have some disadvantages like ads that might not be visually pleasant to your students. Plus they may not hold sufficient bandwidth; therefore, the number of students that you can take will have a limit.

If your business starts to grow, you will need more bandwidth. You might then consider buying your own chat rooms and forums to accommodate your growing number of clients. You don’t have to spend too much for promoting your online tutoring business. You can start by using print ads and having it announced in meetings and conferences. Plus of course, your online message board will help you get clients as well.

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