Drive Traffic to Your Website on a Low Budget

Before you can make money online with your website you need traffic to your website. Only with well targeted traffic you can generate a good income and you need a lot of traffic to generate a good income. But most starters don’t have the money in their budget for large budget for a marketing campaign or PPC advertising campaign. In this article we will describe some low cost ways to generate traffic for your website.

Something For Free
We have mentioned it before in many other posts, PEOPLE LIKE FREE STUFF!

So for example you can write a report or e-book with some quality content in them and distribute this report or e-book on your own website for free. If the content of the report or e-book is good, then people will want to share the place where they got it with other people, thus driving traffic to your site.

Create a Blog
New fresh content can easily attract traffic. So consider blogging to drive to your website.

To send your blog readers to visit your website, you can include a link to your website in the sidebar of your blog. Write posts about your website which should give additional info about your offers or content of your website. After a while traffic will flow from your blog to your website.

Guest Blogger
There are many bloggers that are searching for guest bloggers. A guest blogger is someone who will write an article for free for another blogger. This article is then posted on the other person blog with link to his own blog.

Article Marketing
Publishing articles on article directories is really a good choice for driving long term free traffic to your website. The key to effective article marketing is to write articles that are interesting but don’t tell the whole story. Give them just enough info to get them interested so that they click the link in the article to your own website.

A Forum
People like to discuss things or have the ability to participate in something. So setup your own forum. If the discussions and the info on the forum are good then people will return to your website. A forum is a proven way to increase the number of returning visitors to a website.

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