Don’t Focus on Two Domains Only!

The scope of most small businesses marketing campaigns is often on two domains only. In most cases they only focus on their own business domain (example: and on the search engine domain

Own Business Domain

Business marketing efforts and departments often focus on building out product and service solution pages. They also do some minor press releases or some other type of information. Sure they try to get information on other people’s analyst sites, but it often links back to their own domain and more than often these analyst sites make use of the content, like product description, from their own ecommerce site.

Google Domain

Often a large portion of the marketing budget is spending on Search Engine Marketing and in most cases the search engine they focus on is They often hire someone to do their search engine marketing for them. Part of the budget is often spending money on finding the best search engine marketing firm. (Don’t know why they do this, finding the best search engine marketing firm is easy. Just do search on “search engine marketing” and pick the top one.)

Spread Your Marketing Efforts

Sure a top position in for a certain keyword would be nice, but this is not the only domain that can get you visitors and prospects on your ecommerce/business site.

Nowadays, consumers and prospects are sharing information on a wide range of domains. They use forums, blogs, podcast, comments, video and other types to communicate with others. For instance they leave comments on forums or blogs about certain products or services and discuss their usability.

Social media sites like are used to pass information about a product on to “friends.” Sites like and chowhound, allow mass user voting on what products and services really work and those don’t. Video-sites like or are used by users to show-off just bought products. Don’t forget that many use mobile devices to access the web and contribute in that way, for instance on

Integrate All Domains in Your Marketing Campaign

The many types of ways users and potential customers can discuss and form an opinion about your products these days, makes it vital that you incorporate these domains in your marketing strategy. The decisions about your company and future products are being made there.

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