Don’t be Wasteful in your Household and Save Money

Yesterday after I watched the news and before I could switch of the television, I saw a promo for the Oprah Show. The subject of the show caught my attention; it was about families that had wasteful habits. Normally I would not watch Oprah (every men says that ;-) ), but made a note when the show would be on.

I few hours later the show was starting. It was about two families and there wastefulness. The families where wasteful on almost everything; gas, electricity, food and a lot of money (and this are just few things.)

For example:

  • They wasted electricity by leaving on lights, televisions, computers and other appliances.
  • They wasted food; they bought too much food, they never where eating leftovers and the mother made sometimes 5 different dishes because every person in the family would only eat if they get what they wanted. (Crazy!)
  • They shopped a lot, even for things they didn’t needed. The daughter of one of the families had more then 100 unused t-shirts in the closet and still the parents give her money to buy more!
  • They drove several times a week to Starbucks (waste of gas) because a very young daughter of one of the families liked some vanilla drink.
  • One of the mothers made lunch for her husband every morning, but the husband confessed that he bought lunch three times a week. And what did the husband with the prepared lunch, you guessed it, he threw it away. “What!” said the wife. (Funny moment.)
  • And the list goes on and on.

As you can see the spending habits and wastefulness was out of control!

The show went on and the families where asked to live a week by a set of rules, they all accepted the challenge. (Example of the rules: only use the television or computer for one hour a day, five minute showers, no shopping (except for food), etc.)

After a week of trying to comply with the rules, the families where completely changed. They didn’t waste food anymore (they eat the leftovers), they didn’t leaf appliances on, etc.

The families where even happier then that they where before the challenge. The kids where doing other things then watching television or playing on the game consoles. Another good thing was that they spend more time with each other.

And the best thing was they did save money by changing their habits. Money that they could use for useful things, like their own retirement or their children’s education.

If you like to read more about this Oprah show then read the shows transcript here.

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